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What are my options?

There is a diverse range of safe and modern accommodation options available for students in the UK. Most universities and colleges have dedicated teams to assist students in finding suitable living arrangements.


Many institutions offer halls of residence, either on-site or nearby. Alternatively, if you prefer renting private accommodation, your university or college accommodation office can typically provide assistance. It is advisable to contact them upon receiving your offer to explore your options and become aware of any relevant deadlines.


Even in shared accommodation, students often have private bedrooms, and in some cases, en-suite bathrooms.


When to start looking?

You might be wondering when to start your accommodation search. This depends on your preferred type of accommodation, but it is recommended to begin considering your options as soon as you accept your university offer.


Popular halls of residence tend to fill up quickly, and if you have a preference for university-owned accommodation, it is advisable to apply as early as possible. Be sure to take note of any guidance or deadlines provided by your university.


Options are always available, even for those who decide to study in the UK at the last minute. Private rented accommodation can be an option, and often have flexibility with move-in dates. It’s advised to allow for ample time to research living arrangements. This can broaden your options and help you find the right fit for your needs. 

To assist in planning, below are the main types of accommodation:


University-owned accommodation


Private luxury student accommodation

Most UK universities offer places for new students in their own halls of residence. These accommodations vary from single rooms with shared facilities to self-contained studios. You can often choose between catered or self-catered options based on your preferences.


Homestay accommodation

 Living with a UK family offers a firsthand experience of UK culture. Universities may assist in arranging homestays, or you can explore options through homestay agencies registered with the British Council.

 Many UK cities feature private luxury developments tailored for students. These accommodations range from self-contained studios to apartments, often equipped with modern amenities such as cinema rooms, 24-hour security, gyms, and concierge services.


Private accommodation

   It is common for undergraduate students in the UK to reside in halls of residence during their first year and transition to private accommodation thereafter. This option provides a taste of life beyond campus and the flexibility to choose housemates and location.


These accommodations usually come furnished, but students may need to provide their own kitchen utensils and bedding. Additional costs to consider include utilities, internet, contents insurance, and TV licences. Full-time students in the UK are exempt from paying council tax. Some good options to start looking for a place to live include: Casita, Unite Students,


Viewing properties before signing a contract is advisable to ensure the lease covers the entire duration of your stay in the UK.

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