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Uni-UK has a long-standing reputation for placing motivated and qualified applicants on UK degree programs. We have strong partnerships at schools, colleges, and universities to ensure key promotional channels are marketed. Our objective is to make the admissions process streamlined whilst keeping the student experience paramount.

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Student Recruitment

We place motivated and qualified applicants on UK degree programs and ensure the experience professional and streamlined. As each institution has its own recruitment process and procedures, we make it our business to be up to date with yours. We work with your admissions teams to ensure we are well versed in every aspect of the applicant’s journey, from entry requirements to the latest visa requirements. With strong partnerships at schools, colleges, and universities Uni-UK has access to their internal promotional channels, to ensure your institution is presented into the North American market at all key events.

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Partnership Development

Recruiting students does not happen in a vacuum. We are local partners that have trusted relationships with relevant academic institutions. From local feeder schools, secondary schools, and colleges as well as HEI’s, we maintain our profile as a well-known and trusted voice. We can extend our relationship to include your academic interests to ensure the strengthening of trust between all institutions involved. Uni-UK are on hand to help navigate and introduce and guide and country partnerships for your key institutions. Our history with schools and universities spans many years, this extends to academics at universities to promote postgraduate recruitment. ​


If you’re interested in increasing the number of high quality and motivated students, get in touch and sign up for one of our ‘getting to know you session’ that we offer to our new academic partners.

Strategic Consulting

Student recruitment is the primary source of income for many UK Universities and Colleges. International student recruitment can vary in its importance depending on the international standing of the institution. At Uni-UK we understand that this can be a challenging position. With the recent pandemic and other unpredictable variables such as government support, Erasmus grants, research bids won etc, we are here to offer consultation for third-stream income activities. With our expertise in the business of education; you can benefit from our academic development and student recruitment strategies. Talk to us to help steer your institution towards enterprise opportunities that exist to strengthen your third-stream income, as well as increasing and improving the global visibility of your brand.

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