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Uni-UK assists motivated and qualified applicants on placement in UK degree and postgraduate courses with a streamlined, clear, and manageable application process. We work alongside the distinguished colleges and universities of the UK to put the needs of students at the centre of our services. Our commitment to excellent guidance in applying to UK universities has given us a highly regarded reputation in our industry.

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Student Recruitment

The UK universities and colleges we work with all have unique student recruitment processes. Uni-UK makes it our priority to keep on top of changing procedures as higher education evolves in programs and application criteria. Students will feel confident in our high standards for guidance through every step of the application journey. From entry requirements and qualification policies to the latest visa rules and regulations, we are committed to providing accurate advice. We place applicants in the best possible position for qualified acceptance in their chosen course of study.

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Partnership Development

Uni-UK prides itself in creating trusted relationships with local high schools, colleges, and studios. We work with professionals across a wide spectrum of educational faculties to help their students find the clearest path to a positive outcome in their university application experience. We are pleased to visit your students in class to provide advice, guidance, and inspiration as they consider their futures in higher education. We’ve been working alongside schools and universities for many years and have a wealth of experience communicating with all stakeholders in the journey towards a degree in the UK.

Strategic Consulting

Income from international student recruitment is a significant source of revenue for all Universities, and a vibrant and productive recruitment program pays for itself in quality applicants. With unpredictable variables affecting the higher education environment including world-wide economic fluctuations, changing government policies, research funding, etc., a third-stream income source through the services of Uni-UK, can be a powerful tool for sustainable growth. We are committed to helping you strengthen your recruitment position by increasing your global presence with our longstanding connections and professional reputation.

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